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How Can Folding Plastic Basket Reduce The Cost of Storage And Transportation


The price of plastic folding basket made of PP material is usually several times or even higher than that of cartons. Why is it said that the application of plastic folding baskets in the warehousing and distribution process can reduce the storage and transportation costs?

First of all, from the perspective of service life, cartons are generally disposable packaging, while plastic folding baskets are recyclable packaging. The service life of high-quality plastic folding basket is usually 3-5 years or even longer. The plastic folding basket is very easy to maintain, if properly managed, it can greatly save the purchase cost in the long run. On the other hand, the disassembly and assembly process of the plastic folding basket is simple, local damage does not need to be scrapped as a whole, and replacement of parts can reduce the use cost.

From the perspective of space, the plastic folding basket can save about 75% of the space after folding, and reduce the floor area. It indirectly promotes the factory and warehouse to improve the space utilization rate and reduce the storage and transportation costs.

From the protection effect of the goods, the plastic folding basket is cold and heat-resistant, compression resistant and impact resistant. In addition, it can not turn over the box or overturn the basket in the process of turnover, which has better protection effect on the goods, so as to reduce the damage rate of goods, save unnecessary costs and improve the profit margin.

In addition, the plastic folding basket with pallet, forklift and automation equipment can improve the operation efficiency, and carrying intelligent equipment such as labels and chips can improve the level of information management. Because the plastic folding basket has the advantages of convenient turnover, neat stacking and easy management, it has been widely used in the logistics of processing, storage, circulation, transportation, distribution and other links.

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