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How to Use Plastic Tray Correctly in Dummer


Do you know how to use plastic trays in hot summer? As we all know, plastic products in high temperature, exposure to the sun will change their physical properties, resulting in oxidation, which will reduce service life. After use, try to put it in a place to avoid direct sunlight. It will not cause damage to the plastic tray if it is used in the open air. Some customers buy back, temporarily do not use, placed in the outdoor, long-term wind, sun, rain, resulting in the use of plastic pallets brittle, easy to break. This is a long-term exposure to the sun, resulting in changes in the internal molecules of the plastic tray. Long time exposure to the sun, resulting in a pale color, not beautiful, load-bearing will also be reduced.

Therefore, when we use plastic pallets in summer, we should try to avoid long-term outdoor storage, such as outdoor storage, try to use tarpaulin or other things to cover, avoid direct sunlight, resulting in softening or fading of pallets. Remind you: in summer, the plastic pallet will become soft, so it should be handled with care to avoid deformation of the pallet, which will affect the use of the pallet, resulting in uneven placement of goods or uneven force on the pallet.

In addition, when we use plastic pallets to place goods, it is better to place them evenly, so as to avoid uneven force on pallets and collapse of goods when lifting and moving goods. To choose the right size of the plastic pallet, try to avoid the goods placed on the plastic pallet, there is beyond the edge of the pallet.

The correct use of plastic tray is very important, good use can extend the service life, reduce the loss of the tray, the necessary protection is still necessary, if you first learn more, welcome to consult.

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