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What Kind of Shelf is Suitable for Plastic Pallet?


Plastic pallet is a kind of logistics equipment widely used in modern warehousing and transportation. The use of plastic pallet can more easily store goods directly, improve work efficiency and save labor cost. There are also many tools used with plastic pallet, such as shelf. What kind of shelves are plastic pallet generally used in?

1. Heavy duty shelves. Heavy duty shelves can be placed side by side with 2-3 pallets, which is why plastic pallets are also called pallet racks.

2. Shelf shuttle. Shuttle rack is an automatic shelf system, which can store plastic pallets in depth through shuttle trucks; shuttle trucks and pallets cooperate skillfully and flexibly use the advantages of both sides to easily send goods to the warehouse.

3. Mobile electric shelf. The drive in the electric mobile shelf is a continuous full span rack, and will not be separated by the channel, so the use of plastic pallet is also continuous, which reduces the obstacles and increases the storage capacity of the goods.

Plastic pallet can not only be used on the shelf, but also cooperate with various types of forklift. Therefore, the use of plastic pallet is still very wide, in the modern warehousing, logistics links can see the figure of plastic tray.

The use of plastic pallet is also very convenient. It is light and durable, easy to store and stackable. It is a good means of transportation and occupies a large proportion in the modern logistics industry. If you want to know more, welcome to consult in detail!

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