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What are The Advantages of Foldable Plastic Box


The empty plastic box can be folded and stored, which can reduce the storage area, make the workshop more spacious, and make the warehouse more flexible and flexible. In any case, it is not necessary to put the empty box outdoors, so as to avoid the rapid aging of the plastic box caused by the sun and rain and affect the service life. Moreover, after the parts are transported to the customer's place for use, the foldable plastic box can be folded easily and the transportation cost can be reduced.

We know that after folding the plastic box, a lot of storage space is saved, which indirectly promotes the efficient operation of the factory. This product adopts impact resistant modified PP material, which has stronger resistance to external impact than PP / PE used in ordinary box.

Usually, the foldable plastic box is composed of 6 parts, which is extremely convenient for disassembly and assembly. Even if there is partial damage, it can be replaced without overall scrapping. In fact, after folding, you can save about 75% of the storage space. Compared with other folding boxes of the same kind, the structural design has the following advantages:

First of all, the bottom of the plastic box has been specially strengthened to ensure its compactness and firmness. At the same time, the anti-skid and anti collapse design is adopted to ensure the high stacking.

Second, the whole box is designed with pin shaft, which has strong bearing capacity. The bearing capacity is more than 3 times of the same kind of products. The single box can carry 75kg and stack 5 layers without deformation.

Third, the frame of the plastic box is designed smoothly, which is conducive to printing various words to distinguish them, and has the effect of advertising.

Fourth, the folding box side plate has a special impression position, so that you can design the customer logo of the impression, put the same product together, and do not worry about the problem of manufacturer identification.

Fifthly, the design concept of this kind of foldable plastic box is mainly full plastic design, so it can be scrapped as a whole when recycling, without metal parts, which is more environmentally friendly.
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