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What is A Plastic Parts Box?


Plastic parts box is a kind of storage equipment used to store various parts. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, clean and convenient, orderly stacking and easy management. According to the difference of appearance, use occasion, bearing capacity and manufacturing process, it can be divided into two categories: ordinary group vertical parts box and reinforced group vertical parts box. Do you know where these two parts boxes are suitable for? Next, aceally will answer for you.

The back hanging type parts box is mainly made of polypropylene, which has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, light weight, long service life, resistance to ordinary acid and alkali, and improvement of logistics management level. It can be used in combination with light shelves, lockers, logistics shelves, working position appliances with shutter hanging plates, etc. The use method of high toughness of back hanging parts box can effectively save space and reduce cost.

The modular parts box can be combined at will, which is widely used in electronics, machinery, medicine and other industries. It can be combined into different use space according to different use occasions, and can be applied flexibly and effectively save space. When it is stored and used in the warehouse, there is no need to build shelves and the cost is saved.

Both parts box have their own advantages and use range, can meet the market demand! Aceally as a professional plastic products manufacturer, welcome to consult at any time!

Plastic Parts Box

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