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7 Reasons to Use Plastic Pallet


Plastic pallet is widely used in logistics industry, it has many advantages. Its service life is 5-7 times as long as that of wooden pallet. In addition, the plastic tray meets the environmental requirements, and the waste tray material can be recycled.

Here are 7 reasons to use plastic pallets:

1、Longer life

With the increasing scope of logistics management, pallets should be more durable and have longer service life, so as to reduce the size of your spare pallets and the possible repair of damaged pallets.


Plastic trays are not easy to be attacked by mold and fungi, and are easier to clean, including steam washing and high-pressure washing. Closed plastic trays are not easy to breed bacteria, and industries with high hygiene requirements (such as medicine, food, etc.) are preferred.

3、Pest control

The plastic pallet is 100% in line with ISPM15 export regulations, and does not need expensive fumigation costs and export documents, so as to avoid environmental hazards caused by biological invasion.


Plastic tray without burr, nails and other sharp objects, to avoid injury to human body.

5、Working weight

Generally speaking, the same working conditions of plastic pallet is lighter than wood pallet, and the weight is constant, and will not increase due to moisture absorption.

6、Environment friendly

Almost all plastic recycled materials are returned to the manufacturing process. Because the recycled materials have economic value, they are rarely discarded.

7、It's cheaper

Many people may not think that plastic pallets are actually cheaper than wood pallets. Even though the purchase price is higher than wood pallets, the use cost of plastic pallets is often lower than that of wooden pallets in terms of the whole life cycle cost of products

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