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On The Quality Identification Method of Parts Box


As an important tool of warehouse management, parts box is very popular in the industry. However, there are always many enterprises that have bought poor quality parts boxes, which will be broken after a period of time. Therefore, we want to popularize the method of identifying the quality of the parts box. The details are as follows:

1、 Look at the material of the parts box. In fact, the materials of parts boxes are almost the same, but there is a problem of new materials and recycled materials. The new material has good physical properties, strong and durable, while the recycled material has poor toughness and short service life. Therefore, when we choose and buy the parts box, we must choose the new material part box. As for the identification method, it depends on the appearance of the parts box. Those parts boxes with bright colors, luster and no smell are brand-new parts boxes.

2、 Look at the weight of the parts box. The durability of a part box is closely related to its wall thickness. The thicker the wall is, the heavier the quality of the box will be. Therefore, we can also compare the weight of the box when choosing a box.

3、 Look at the structure of the parts box. The structure of the parts box is related to the bearing capacity of the box, so we should pay more attention to it. Reasonable parts box set in the parts box bearing parts have a special thickening design, which we can carefully observe in the actual purchase process.

Parts box has the effect of sorting and induction, can greatly reduce space, improve cleanliness, and does not occupy too much space. It is a good storage tool. Welcome to consult us!

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