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What Are The Benefits of Using A Revolving Basket


As a kind of plastic products, turnover basket is widely used in the market. What are the advantages of using turntable to package goods? Aceally will introduce you.

1. Avoid counting errors. The goods are packaged with plastic film and turnover basket. Before unpacking and retailing, the goods are always delivered by the revolving basket as the container unit. It is much easier to check the container unit than to check the single piece of goods. Thus, the counting error can be effectively avoided in the delivery process of goods

2. Dust proof. Packaging makes the whole goods wrapped in plastic film and plastic turnover basket. The distance between the packaged goods and the outside makes the dust only fall on the surface of the plastic film during the long-term storage of the goods in the warehouse, instead of directly adhering to the single goods, which can play the role of dust prevention.

3. Moistureproof. Use plastic film to package the plastic turnover basket, so that the goods are wrapped. The packaged goods are isolated from the outside atmosphere, so that they are not susceptible to moisture during storage. In addition, when the goods are handled outdoors (outside the carriage) on rainy days, the goods will not be greatly affected. Therefore, the packaging of turnover basket goods with plastic film can play a role of moisture-proof.

4. Anti collapse stack. The plastic film used for packaging has strong tensile property, while the turnover basket can make the goods in an overall shape, which is convenient for palletizing and storage, so it has better anti collapse effect than general stacking goods.

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