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Application of Plastic Pallet in Industry and Matters Needing Attention


Plastic pallet is one of the essential equipment in modern cargo transportation. It has a wide range of use. Many goods need its help in transportation.Follow aceally to learn about it.

1. Although the plastic pallet can bear a certain weight of goods, it is a plastic product after all, so it is strictly prohibited to throw it from high altitude to avoid damage after landing.

2. Please pay attention to the use of the steel pipe series in the wet place to avoid the use of the steel pipe in the wet place.

3. When storing the plastic tray, we should also pay attention not to put it in the place with strong sunlight, so as to avoid the aging of the plastic and shorten the service life.

4. When placing the goods, the goods should also be placed on the top of the plastic pallet in an orderly manner. Pay attention not to stack the goods in a centralized manner, nor to throw them in an eccentric way, so as to avoid damage.

5. When the plastic pallet is used together with the forklift truck, the action force should not be too large, and the angle should not be changed in a hurry. The angle can be changed after the goods are lifted stably.

6. When the goods are put on the plastic pallet, they should also be used in strict accordance with the carrying capacity of the pallet. Do not throw too many heavy things to avoid crushing the pallet and landing the goods.

Plastic pallet has a positive effect on the transfer of goods, but in the process of use, we should also pay attention to protection. After all, it is a plastic product, which has certain bearing requirements, so it can be used for a longer time. Aceally will provide you with the best quality products. We look forward to your inquiry.

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