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Benefits of Bin Sorting


With the implementation of waste classification management regulations, the color of garbage can is more obvious. According to relevant regulations, domestic waste can be divided into recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other garbage. Recyclable articles refer to the garbage that recycles resources such as paper, plastic, glass, fabrics, bottles and cans and puts them into the blue garbage can. Hazardous waste refers to the garbage containing harmful substances and requiring special safety treatment, including batteries, lamps, daily chemical products, etc., which are collected in the red garbage bin; other garbage refers to the unclassified garbage, which is collected in the gray garbage bin.

The classification of trash can bring the following benefits

1. The working intensity of workers. The use of sorting garbage can solve the problem of garbage classification from the source and reduce the work difficulty of sanitation workers.

2. Reduce environmental pollution. Waste batteries contain mercury and other toxic substances, which cause serious harm to human health. Plastic bags are not easy to decompose, but also do harm to the soil, resulting in crop yield reduction.

3. Under the condition of effective utilization of existing resources, some materials in garbage can also be converted into resources, such as food, fabrics, etc., which can be used to produce organic fertilizer, and waste incineration can also be used for power generation and heating.

4. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reasonable waste classification, can greatly increase the proportion of waste recycling, reduce the demand for raw materials, so as to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

The implementation of garbage bin classification, environmental protection at the same time greatly improve the work efficiency. Different bins play different roles.

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