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Briefly Introduces Several Styles of Folding Turnover Box


Folding turnover box is an important kind of products in logistics industry. Its heat resistance, compression resistance and moisture resistance are very good. When holding articles, it not only has a large bearing capacity, but also can maximize the protection of goods. It is one of the indispensable logistics management equipment for enterprises. There are many styles of folding turnover boxes. It is not easy for enterprises to distinguish which kind of boxes are most suitable for their own needs when selecting. Here, aceally briefly introduces several styles of plastic folding baskets.

There are four common styles of turnover boxes

The first is that the box and the bottom are all closed, and the application of this plastic box is the most diversified. It can be used in Dalian lock supermarket, 24-hour convenience store, large distribution center, department store, food processing and other scenes.

The second is that the box and the bottom of the box are hollow holes. This kind of turnover box is also called turnover basket, and there are many kinds of them. One of the advantages of the built-in fruit box is that the product can not be easily damaged by air circulation.

The third is that the box has eyes. The bottom of the box is closed. This kind of box is relatively rare, and there are not many kinds of boxes, which are commonly used by food factories. Acid and alkali resistant, leak proof, impact resistant, high strength, suitable for large fishing grounds, printing and dyeing plants, electroplating plants, cigarette factories, food factories, leather factories, etc.

The fourth is that the box is closed, but the bottom of the box has eyes. This kind of box also belongs to a rare type, which is mainly used for the leakage of food and articles.

The main types of turnover box are the above several, which can basically meet the market demand. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time for communication, and we will provide you with the most appropriate solution.

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