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How to Deodorize Plastic Garbage Can


Plastic garbage can is placed in every household. It can be found in the kitchen, living room and toilet. The appearance of plastic garbage can makes our life clean and tidy. It is a good helper to hide and hide the dirt. It is of great significance to us. However, there is always a problem troubling consumers, that is, why do plastic garbage cans always emit peculiar smell? Today, aceally gives you an answer.

Plastic garbage cans need to accept all kinds of waste every day. They are surrounded by bacteria, viruses and molds every day, which pollute the indoor environment and send out some peculiar smell, which perplexes our life.

How to deodorize? It's simple. In home life, when using plastic garbage can, we can lay a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the plastic garbage can, and put two or three bags of desiccant on the newspaper. The desiccant can absorb the moisture in the garbage, and the garbage can't send out smell without water, which directly solves the odor of plastic garbage can. Second, some plastic garbage cans on the market may contain some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances due to unclear sources of plastic materials. Therefore, when purchasing plastic garbage cans, we should first pay attention to the material of plastic garbage cans, so as to prevent a series of troubles for our use in the future. Third, the use of baking soda, as we all know, baking soda can eliminate odor, sprinkle a little baking soda on the plastic garbage can, not only can remove the odor, but also can prevent the growth of bacteria, play a good odor prevention effect, we can use this method to regularly disinfect the plastic garbage can.

Deodorization of plastic garbage can is also a very important link, to ensure that the product itself can be better used, but also to keep the air awake, aceally summed up the above simple methods hope to help you!

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