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Daily Maintenance Skills of Plastic Tray


Although the plastic tray is light and sturdy , it also features a lifetime . It can effectively extend the service lifetime of the plastic tray with good attention within the daily use process. So, the way to use and maintain the plastic tray properly? Follow aceally to find out more about it.

Maintenance skill 1: uniform force. within the use of plastic tray, concentrate to handle with care, don't let the plastic tray appear uneven stress state, otherwise it's easy to wreck the tray.

Maintenance skill 2: concentrate to the reasonable weight of plastic pallet. If it's pallets used for stacking, to ascertain the load-bearing of rock bottom piece of pallet, whether there's damage state, if so, to scale back the load in real time.

Maintenance tip 3: well proportioned placement. When placing the products , we'd better place the plastic tray evenly to avoid the state of skewness.

Maintenance skill 4: standard application. When using pallets to transfer goods, it's necessary to think about whether the quality of products can meet the appliance of plastic pallets, and stop the plastic pallets from being damaged thanks to non-compliance.

Maintenance skill 5: combined stacking. so as to stop the plastic pallet from being damaged within the process of use, we advocate to use the packing combination stacking method to place the products on the pallet, which is conducive to the loading, unloading and transportation of the plastic pallet.

The above is that the explanation of the way to maintain the plastic tray, hoping to assist you. If you would like to understand more, you're welcome to consult.

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