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Main Classification of Turnover Boxes


Because of its wide application in logistics, turnover box are often utilized in transportation, distribution, storage and circulation processing, and it's injection molding. There are many sorts of turnover box. Aceally as knowledgeable manufacturer of plastic products, for you a quick introduction.

1. Common stackable type. Its use is extremely common, and whether there's an identical box cover are often selected consistent with the requirements . Therefore, for multiple, it are often stacked flexibly and isn't suffering from the box cover.

2. Its advantage is that it can reduce the occupied space and reduce the logistics turnover cost. When the box cover is chosen , the matching concave and outward turning type are often selected. However, it should be noted that when multiple boxes are stacked, the box cover should be matched.

3. Nested type. this type of turnover box combines the benefits of ordinary type and inclined insert type. Therefore, it's possible to stack empty containers without borrowing accessories, so on improve space utilization and reduce costs.

4. Folding type. Its characteristics are an equivalent because the nested type, and therefore the specifications and shapes are various. Users can choose the acceptable one consistent with their needs, so on achieve good use effect.

These four sorts of turnover boxes aren't only the most types, but also more commonly used. the utilization of turnover boxes greatly reduces the time and space, and is a crucial category within the logistics industry. If you would like to understand more, please be happy to consult.

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