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Brief Introduction of The Inclined Inserting Box


The inclined inserting box is produced by high-strength modified PP or PE. Because of its oil resistance and acid and alkali resistance, it is widely used in the distribution and storage of automobiles, tobacco, household appliances and medicine. When the goods are not loaded, they can be inserted into each other for stacking, which can save the storage cost and stacking space, reduce the transportation cost, and also can be used together with the pallet, so it can be carried quickly and improved Work efficiency.

So what are the characteristics of the inclined inserting box? Aceally will introduce you.

1. The box body has a new barrier free handle, which conforms to the principle of ergonomics. It is convenient for the operators to grasp the box body more effectively and safely, making the handling more comfortable and convenient. The handle shall be long enough to ensure that the empty box can be pulled out smoothly after being sleeved in.

2. Smooth inner surface and fillet design, increase strength and easy to clean. The empty box can be inserted and stacked freely, and there is no phenomenon such as improper stacking.

3. Galvanized steel wire is used as hinge axis at the connection between the box cover and the long side of the box, and the anti-theft mode is adopted to close. If there is no special tool, it cannot be opened with external force without damaging the box. At the same time, the anti-theft locking device is designed at the short side of the box cover to prevent objects from scattering or stealing during the transportation and distribution.

4. The surface of the box cover has a large area of anti-skid leather grain, which is easy to paste labels. At the same time, it increases the friction when stacking with the bottom of the box, and improves the stability.

5. The long side wall of the box is designed with stiffeners to improve the loading capacity and reduce the deformation rate of the side wall.

6. The zigzag type box cover and the box body are reasonably linked to ensure the strength and opening are smooth, the box covers are free to engage with each other, and are not stuck. After closing, ensure that the box cover is the same plane, and ensure the sealing and stacking pressure of the box body.

7、 The bottom of the box is designed with anti slip leather, which is helpful to improve the stability and safety of the turnover box when it is stored and stacked, and to run more smoothly on the assembly line.

8. After the box cover is closed, the stacking shall be appropriate for each other. The short side shall be provided with stacking limit block to limit the position, prevent dislocation and displacement, and ensure that the stacking will not slide when fully loaded.

Inclined box also plays an important role in the logistics and transportation industry. Aceally, as a manufacturer of plastic products, is committed to providing you with high-quality products. Welcome to buy!

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