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Introduction to Turnover Basket


Turnover baskets are also called turnover baskets, because turnover baskets are basically made of plastic, so turnover baskets are also called plastic baskets. Most of the turnover baskets are used for industrial assembly line circulation, storage and stacking, and turnover boxes. The card board is the three treasures for industry. Now the turnover baskets are also turning around to popularize the development of agricultural industry, replacing bamboo baskets with fruits and vegetables. Here's a brief introduction from aceally!

Turnover baskets can be divided into mesh stackable, mesh stackable, closed stackable, suitable for warehouse, production line, internal turnover of the plant. Stackable type is suitable for stacking, nested type is not suitable for stacking, but space can be saved after use. Mesh type can only stack solid objects, closed type can stack solid objects and liquid objects. Disposable plastic basket. Turnover basket can also be divided into general turnover basket and anti-static turnover basket according to performance!

The materials are HDPE and PP. Hard texture, good cold resistance, high chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance and organic flux, non-toxic and tasteless. It has outstanding electrical performance, good radiation resistance and high heat resistance temperature.

It is characterized by economy (recyclable), environmental protection (ecological environment protection), health (acid and alkali resistance, mildew proof, moisture-proof and moth proof), safety (no nail thorn, radiation, non-toxic and tasteless), convenience (no need to repair and easy to handle).

As a very important classification of plastic products, plastic crates is widely used and deeply loved by everyone. Aceally, as a manufacturer of plastic products, provides high-quality products for you to choose. Welcome to consult at any time!

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