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Different Types of Shopping Baskets in Shopping Malls


In shopping malls, shopping baskets are provided to facilitate customers to buy goods. There are two main types of Shopping Baskets: portable shopping baskets and pull rod shopping baskets. What are the differences between these two shopping baskets? Let's follow aceally to understand.

1. Loading capacity

In shopping malls, the capacity of portable shopping baskets is smaller than that of pull-out shopping baskets. In general, customers in shopping malls choose to buy only a few things. Pull rod shopping baskets are generally used when purchasing more goods.

2. Usage

The portable shopping basket in the shopping basket of the shopping mall is mainly convenient and light. It is mainly used to hold some light items, such as biscuits and potato chips. The pull rod shopping basket is mainly labor-saving and can be dragged on the ground without any effort. It is mainly used to hold some heavy items, such as large bottles of drinks, rice, etc.

3. Safety performance

When shopping malls use hand-held shopping baskets, they are easy to slip from the hands, which may cause damage to the goods or hit the feet of customers. If the trolley shopping basket in the shopping mall is not aware of the situation of the people around, it is easy to trip the customers.

4. Users

When shopping malls are used in shopping malls, most of the portable shopping baskets are men, while the pull-out baskets are mainly women and children.

5. Manufacturing process

Different types of shopping baskets in shopping malls have different manufacturing processes. The manufacturing process of hand-held shopping baskets is simpler than that of pull-bar shopping baskets, and the design and installation of wheels should be considered in the pull rod shopping baskets.

Different types of shopping baskets are different in the above aspects. We can choose suitable shopping baskets according to our own preferences and needs. Each shopping basket has its advantages, so we should choose it appropriately. Any questions are welcome to consult.

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