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What Material is Good for Outdoor Trash Can?


As the name implies, outdoor garbage can is the bin and container for holding garbage outdoors. With the development of industry, more and more raw materials can be used to make outdoor garbage can. The main materials include plastic, metal, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, wood, etc., which makes the selection wide. It's because there are too many choices. Consumers often can't tell which material is more suitable. Today, aceally will analyze what kind of material is good for outdoor trash can?

Material classification of common outdoor garbage cans:

1. Cement trash can: Cement trash can usually need on-site construction, its advantages are fixed, there is no problem of theft.

2. Plastic garbage can: plastic garbage can is easy to process and clean, and can be produced in large quantities through mold, with high cost performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In the outdoor, the material needs to add anti fading and anti-corrosion components, which is helpful for outdoor use and not easy to aging.

3. FRP trash can: FRP garbage can is generally made of high-quality fiberglass and imported resin. It has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, no deformation under sunlight, UV resistance, easy cleaning, easy operation, large collection capacity of garbage can, long service life, and no theft recovery value, which is suitable for batch use of environmental sanitation units.

4. Stainless steel dustbin: a kind of material with good texture and high price, which is suitable for commercial places and outdoor places with higher requirements for product grade. Outdoor use is not worried about being corroded by rain, but it may be stolen by thieves.

5. Metal trash can: metal trash can, usually made of steel, is durable and can be recycled later. The disadvantage of steel is that it rusts easily. Usually, it is degreased and then painted to enhance the rust resistance of outdoor steel, which is suitable for use in scenic areas and parks.

6. Steel wood dustbin: steel frame, decorated with wooden strips, and now using plastic wood or environmental protection wood instead of solid wood, with beautiful appearance and high cost performance, this type of outdoor garbage can is more popular in the market.

Listed so many kinds of materials, in the end, what kind of material is good for outdoor trash can? It can be summed up as follows:

Shopping malls, airports and hotels are recommended to choose high-grade stainless steel trash cans;

Plastic and FRP garbage can materials are suitable for garbage collection in residential areas and streets;

Park, scenic area, playground suitable for metal, steel wood trash can material.

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