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How to Choose The Garbage Can?


The use of trash can also reflect a person's quality of life and style. The garbage can placed next to the tea table in the living room is plastic, stainless steel or white oak. The garbage can beside the toilet in the toilet has a cover or no cover. Whether the cover is opened manually or automatically reflects the host's requirements for the quality of life in terms of beauty, hygiene and convenience. If you want to buy a trash can for your family, how do you choose? Follow aceally to find out.

First, let's take a look at the categories of trash cans in the list:

Garbage shape
The trash can be roughly divided into two shapes: a box and a cylinder. The former can be placed against the wall or in the corner, which can save space. The latter is more common, more stable and easier to throw garbage.

Bin material
Garbage can basically be made of three materials: plastic, metal and wood, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The cost of plastic is low and easy to clean, but it is light and easy to overturn. Metal materials are safer, more durable and heavier overall. The wood is beautiful, but it is easy to corrode and deform, and it is difficult to clean.

Bin lid
The design of the bin cover is closely related to the beauty, hygiene and convenience of use of the garbage can. Generally speaking, from no cover to half cover, shaking cover and full cover, the cleanliness is gradually improved, and the convenience of use is slightly reduced.

Cover opening method of garbage can

For the garbage can with cover, the cover opening methods can be divided into manual, inductive and pedal. The former is a little inconvenient, but more durable. The latter two are easier to use, but they are less durable. Take the pedal garbage can as an example. Due to the design of the pedal, the cover can be opened without bending. However, the structure is slightly complex, and the garbage can with poor quality is easy to dump when trampled. Therefore, the requirements of composite materials and technology are relatively high.

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