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Normal Maintenance And Use of Plastic Pallet


According to the normal use standard, plastic pallet can give full play to the role of plastic pallet. In the process of long-term goods turnover with the pallet, it is not easy to be damaged, and the service life of plastic pallet can be extended. Now follow aceally to learn more about plastic pallets.

1. In the process of working with forklift truck, the rated load of pallet should be paid attention to. In general, the rated dynamic load of plastic pallets does not exceed 2 tons. Sometimes, when pallets are used in palletizing, operators will pick up the palletized goods directly from the bottom pallets in order to improve work efficiency, so that the previous dynamic load is doubled. Practice has proved that overloading is the direct cause of reducing the service life of pallets.

2. Plastic tray should be placed as gently as possible to avoid uneven force and damage when landing. However, in the actual use, it is not practical to put it lightly. This requires high impact resistance of plastic pallet itself. Increase the toughness of plastic pallet materials

3. The plastic tray should avoid sunlight exposure as far as possible, so as not to cause aging and shorten the service life. However, with the continuous innovation of plastic pallet raw materials, the new type of copolypropylene plastic pallet is gradually suitable for use in various outdoor environments. Long term outdoor use is not easy to aging and deformation.

4. When the plastic pallet is used with the shelf, the rated shelf load of the pallet should be paid attention to, and overloading is strictly prohibited. Especially when it is used with through three-dimensional shelf, the span of pallet is required to be higher. If necessary, steel pipes should be added at the bottom of the pallet according to the use situation to increase the shelf load of the pallet.

The correct use of the tray is an important thing, only take care of it, it will be used longer, aceally's plastic pallet quality is good, price concessions, welcome to consult.

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