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How to Clean Plastic Tray Correctly?


Because plastic pallet products are used to carry goods, they are generally placed at the bottom. After a long time of use, they will inevitably become very dirty. Sometimes if you want to use it to place clean cloth and materials, you need to clean the plastic tray. What should we pay attention to? Aceally, let's briefly introduce it.

There are certain rules for cleaning. Wrong cleaning will not only fail to achieve the purpose of cleaning, but also may cause damage to the plastic tray. The best way is to drag the plastic tray to an open place, and then use a clear water pipe to aim at the plastic tray. For the first time, it only needs to be washed with clear water. Because if the ordinary plastic tray is simply used to store goods, there will be no stains that are difficult to clean, but most of them are dust accumulation for a long time, which can be cleaned by washing with water.

If there are stains on the surface of the plastic tray that are difficult to wash, you can choose to dilute it with professional sodium hydroxide and soak it, and then wipe it with a wet cloth, which is much more convenient to clean. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use stainless steel cleaning ball for scrubbing, because the steel wire is relatively hard, hard scrubbing will cause Scratch on the surface of plastic tray.

Plastic tray surface will have a lot of square holes, so cleaning up may be more difficult, the best way is to use a soft brush, with some detergent and warm water, cleaning up more convenient. The cleaning of plastic tray is also a part of daily maintenance, so we must be careful and in place to ensure the cleaning effect.

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