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What Are The Three Advantages of Turnover Basket?


Turnover basket can be divided into mesh can be folded, mesh can be set, closed can be set several kinds, suitable for warehouse, production line, factory internal turnover. The stackable type is suitable for stacking, but the nested type is not suitable for stacking, but it can save space after use. Mesh type can only stack solid objects, closed type can stack both solid and liquid items. So, let's follow aceally to learn about the three advantages of turning the basket next week.

1. It can be well adapted to a variety of commodity packaging needs, such as meat food, the use of oxygen blocking performance of superior packaging materials, in order to prevent oxygen in the atmosphere contact with it, plastic turnover basket to prevent its oxidation deterioration and inhibit microbial reproduction, prolong the shelf life. Barrier plastic turnover basket or container can be used as packaging material to meet this requirement. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in metabolic state in the process of storage, transportation and sales. According to the specific situation of fruits and vegetables, the plastic turnover basket with moderate air permeability can be selected for packaging.

2. Various kinds of plastic products suitable for specific packaging can be made by a variety of molding methods, which can be used by manufacturers in all walks of life and relevant departments such as aquaculture, agriculture and animal husbandry.

3. The material of turnover basket is mostly thermoplastic. Due to its thermoplasticity, the used waste packaging can be recycled. The plastic turnover basket is conducive to saving material resources, reducing packaging costs and adapting to environmental protection requirements.

Turnover basket is mostly used in industrial production line circulation, storage and stacking, and turnover box. Card board is the three treasures of industry. Now the turnover basket is also turning around, and it has begun to popularize the development of agricultural industry, replacing bamboo baskets with fruits and vegetables. Aceally turnover basket has the characteristics of recyclable, acid and alkali resistant, mildew proof, moisture-proof and moth proofing. It has good folding resistance and aging resistance, and has good load carrying capacity. It has good tensile, compression and tear properties. And specification, size diversity, can be customized according to customer requirements. Interested welcome to consult.

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