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How to Distinguish The Quality of Plastic Garbage Can


How to distinguish the quality of plastic garbage can. According to the different materials, garbage cans can be divided into plastic garbage cans, stainless steel garbage cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic garbage cans, cement garbage cans, wooden garbage cans, etc. the garbage cans of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, among which plastic garbage cans are widely used.

Environmental protection plastic garbage can is mainly made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene polypropylene (PP). Because the material itself has the characteristics of acid-base resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance and strong impact resistance, the plastic garbage can has strong corrosion resistance, can withstand various external impact, is not easy to deform and has a long service life.

Speaking of this, how to distinguish the quality of plastic garbage can? Aceally summarized the following three points for your reference.

1. Look at the color

Generally, the color of the plastic trash can with good quality is bright and has good luster, while the plastic garbage bin with poor quality will have dull color and insufficient gloss.

2. Look at the load

If the same material is used for the same size of plastic garbage can, the heavier the better, but this is also a deceptive trap. Dishonest plastic garbage can manufacturers will add stone powder (calcium carbonate) to the plastic garbage can, which will increase the weight of plastic garbage can. However, such a result will reduce the toughness of plastic garbage cans, which is easy to crack, and the use of plastic garbage cans Life is greatly shortened.

3. Do something

Our "hands on" means that users can press the plastic garbage can. There must be some deformation of the garbage can. If there is no crack, the quality of the plastic garbage can is relatively good. If the plastic garbage can with poor quality is pressed slightly, it will be damaged. But if you have doubts about the quality of the plastic garbage can you want to buy, do not stand on the plastic garbage can to test its bearing capacity, otherwise, once it is broken, it will be easily scratched.

The body of plastic garbage can be overlapped with each other to facilitate transportation, reduce transportation cost and save storage space. The specifications of plastic garbage can meet the size requirements of garbage truck, which can realize direct docking with compressed garbage truck, fully meet the requirements of contemporary environmental protection and save manpower. Aceally's trash can is of excellent quality. Please contact us.

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