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Maintenance Strategy of Plastic Tray


Plastic pallet is an important tool in logistics transportation. It is portable and easy to use, which solves the problem of goods transportation. However, the plastic pallet itself also needs to be maintained. If the daily maintenance is good, the service life will be longer. Next, aceally introduces the maintenance strategy of plastic tray in detail.

Plastic tray in the storage of pallets, but also according to its shape classification placed, some pallets if randomly placed, will cause plastic tray deformation. Warehouse personnel to ensure that the warehouse is dry, do not let it be affected by chemical substances, usually regular inspection and maintenance, extend the service life of the pallet. In the storage of pallets, the same type of pallets are placed in the same area, which can avoid the trouble of transportation and loading and unloading, and reduce the process of selecting goods.

In the storage of pallets, first of all, pay attention to the placement of goods, put the goods on both sides of the warehouse, so that the use of pallets will be more convenient for transportation and movement. When stacking goods, we can improve the height of stacking and effectively use its limited space, which can not only improve its safety, but also improve work efficiency.

The maintenance of the plastic tray is proper and durable. The contents introduced above hope to help you. Aceally's pallet is of excellent quality and price. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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