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How to Solve The Peculiar Smell of Garbage Can


There are three main types of plastic garbage bins: non recyclable, recyclable and toxic substances. Non recyclable material refers to garbage other than recyclable garbage. The common garbage that is easy to decompose under natural conditions, such as skin, vegetable leaves, leftovers, flowers, branches and leaves, etc.; recyclable materials refer to the wastes suitable for recycling and resource utilization. It mainly includes: paper: not seriously stained writing paper, packaging paper and other paper products. Such as newspapers, office paper, packaging paper, advertising paper, etc.; plastic: waste container plastic, packaging plastic and other plastic products. Such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam plastics, disposable plastic tableware, hard plastic, etc.: Metal: all kinds of scrap metal products. Such as tin tin can box, can, lead toothpaste skin and so on. Glass: toxic substances in colored and colorless waste glass products, such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste paint, mercury thermometers, expired drugs, etc.

Plastic sorting garbage can in the use of a long time, there will be odor in the bin, if not cleaned up in time, there will be a very bad smell, so, it must be deodorized. If there is a peculiar smell in the sanitation garbage can, the main reason is that there is too much moisture in the bin. Therefore, a layer of newspaper can be laid on the bottom of the garbage can. Put two or three bags of desiccant on the newspaper. The desiccant can absorb the moisture in the garbage, and the garbage can't evaporate the smell without water.

In addition, you can find some worn-out silk stockings, put some charcoal in them to make charcoal bags, hang them on the lid of the dustbin, or stick the carbon bags on them with tape. This is also a good way to reduce the odor of garbage cans.

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