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Knowledge of Folding Turnover Box


Folding turnover box is widely used in warehousing and logistics industry and plays an important role. When not in use, the correct and reasonable maintenance of the folding turnover box can not only make it play a full role, but also extend its service life, and more importantly, it can reduce the procurement cost of plastic turnover box.

1. In the use should try to avoid long-term sunlight exposure; idle should also avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid premature aging of plastic, resulting in shorter service life.

2. When folding turnover box is loaded, try not to be overweight. If it is used for a long time, its service life will be greatly reduced.

3. After loading, the turnover box needs to be stacked not more than the maximum number of stacking layers. The turnover box will be damaged in light, and the contents in it will be damaged if it is heavy.

4. It is strictly forbidden to throw the plastic turnover box from high place, because in this way, the turnover box will be broken or cracked due to violent impact.

5. When forklift truck or manual hydraulic truck is working, the pallet shall be lifted as smoothly as possible when forking, and the pallet shall not be impacted to indirectly damage the turnover box.

6. The turnover box must be handled with care when handling to avoid the box rupture due to violent impact.

7. When the turnover box is cleaned, the handle, corner, tip and bottom of the turnover box should be cleaned with a cloth dipped in detergent, and there should be no stain.

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