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How to Use Plastic Tray Reasonably?


According to aceally, plastic pallets can be divided into shelf series plastic pallets, export plastic pallets, single-layer turnover plastic pallets, double-sided plastic pallets for palletizing and light plastic pallets for palletizing according to their functions. So, how to use plastic pallet reasonably? Now listen to aceally's analysis.

Plastic pallets are heat-resistant, cold resistant, durable and affordable. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, tobacco, automobile, glass industry, printing, electronic and electrical equipment, textile, clothing, supermarket, warehousing and logistics, sanitation, etc.

How to use plastic pallet reasonably, aceally plastic industry said: for places with large area and high degree of transportation, if the manual plastic pallet truck is used. In addition, the place where the palletizer is used for multi-stage stacking, the lower part of the plastic pallet coincides with the upper part of the lower part of the goods, and it is better to use the two sides of the plastic pallet with small gap below.

In addition, for the high-level shelves with small floor area, the main place for vertical transportation is forklift loading and unloading, so that both sides and single-sided plastic pallets can be used. According to what kind of loading and unloading equipment to use, it is probably the storage state of active stack, pallet shelf, storage, flat and so on to decide whether to use single side or double side.

Aceally said that if the goods carried by the plastic tray are still not satisfied with the transportation requirements after being fixed, the protective and reinforcing accessories should be selected according to the necessity. Reinforced protective accessories are made of paper, wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Aceally's plastic pallet is far ahead in quality and reputation in the industry. You are welcome to ask any questions.

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