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Outdoor Trash Can Green with You


The outdoor garbage can is a kind of public facilities, which is used to hold garbage and waste. It is often placed in parks, communities, schools and other outdoor public places. The outdoor trash can plays a role in protecting the public environment and makes outstanding contribution to the cleanness and tidiness of the city. Aceally will give you a brief introduction today!

Materials of outdoor garbage cans: plastic garbage cans, stainless steel garbage cans, ceramic garbage cans, wood garbage cans, cement garbage cans, pulp garbage cans, metal garbage cans, steel wood garbage cans, FRP garbage cans, colorful garbage cans, etc. there are several kinds of outdoor garbage cans, including steel wood, pine, imported camphor wood, environmental protection plastic wood, Begonia wood. In terms of waste technology of steel structure, there are also differences between electroplating, miscellaneous zinc spraying, miscellaneous zinc spraying and direct production of galvanized sheet. In terms of durability, FRP and galvanized sheet are the most durable; in terms of aesthetics, steel and wood are the most beautiful; plastic trash cans are generally used for cleaning of communities, factories and restaurants. Outdoor garbage cans are usually made of stainless steel or steel wood. These two kinds of garbage cans are generally not easy to be damaged, so the utilization rate is very high.

The outdoor trash can is generally classified trash can. Generally, the classified trash can is put together by several trash cans, and then the garbage can be classified and put. Generally, there are obvious color differences, such as red may not be recyclable, green may be recyclable, etc. According to the color and logo to put garbage. Now the environmental protection cities are all used, which are the more common environmental protection garbage bins.

The outdoor garbage can be divided into open garbage can, open garbage can, open garbage can, trample open garbage can and induction (infrared) garbage can, which do not need to contact the garbage can directly, so it is very sanitary.

The existence of outdoor trash can ensures the beauty of the environment, but we also need to protect the correct use of trash can and extend its life!

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