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Label Holders and Inserts Dividable Bins

-Customize storage space with these dividable bins.
-Use in stock rooms, assembly lines and repair shops.
-High-density polypropylene resists solvents and chemicals.
-Stackable-flat panels to label contents.
-Clear Divider Boxes – Spot what you need quickly.
-Dividers – Separated item.

-Lids – See-through lids protect contents from dust and dirt.

+Product  Information

Dividable Bins

Model No. Outside Dim.
Inside Dim.
Carton Dim.
Ctn. Qty. Material
ACL-FGA1 300*117*90 260*94*80 475*605*855 80pcs PP
ACL-FGA2 300*234*90 256*211*80 475*605*855 40pcs PP
ACL-FGA3 300*234*140 253*210*129 475*605*815 24pcs PP
ACL-FGA4 400*117*90 360*94*80 475*405*855 40pcs PP
ACL-FGA5 400*234*90 356*211*80 475*405*855 20pcs PP
ACL-FGA6 400*234*140 353*210*129 475*405*815 40pcs PP
ACL-FGA7 500*117*90 460*94*80 475*505*855 40pcs PP
ACL-FGA8 500*234*90 456*211*80 475*505*855 20pcs PP
ACL-FGA9 500*234*140 453*210*129 475*405*815 12pcs PP
ACL-FGA10 600*117*90 560*94*80 475*605*855 40pcs PP
ACL-FGA11 600*234*90 556*211*80 475*605*855 20pcs PP
ACL-FGA12 600*234*140 553*210*129 475*605*815 12pcs PP

+Features and Benefits

product feature

product benefits

product benefits
Closed type design, promote the available space. With the use of steel portable could be use as drawing.

Special dimension chain design, could be adjusted according to different situation.

    • Do you offer customized products?
      we do custom products and projects.

      If you are unable to findyour exact product within our wide variety please call or sales team to see ifthey are able to source the product you require. We also have a  team whomanufacturer.
    • I don' have drawing or picture available for the custom products, could you design it for me?
      Yes, we can make the best suitable design for you but do need to know the details - such as a) dimension b) loading capacity c)stackability d)operation environmen.
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