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Neadas Collapsible Storage Folding Storage Box


Our collapsible plastic storage containers made from 100% virgin PP, are also known as collapsible boxes.They are robust and its convenient design allow it to collapse virtually flat when not in use ,which highly save 75% space.Besides,the set-up and knock-down process only takes few seconds. Because of its light weight,space saving and easy assembling feature.Folding moving boxes has been widely used in oversea supermarkets,24h convenient stores, big distribution center, department stores, food processing ,etc

Model No. Outside Dim.
Folding Size
195C 600x400x195 600x400x95 lidded
210C 600x400x210 600x400x105 lidded
265C 600x400x265 600x400x95 lidded
270C 600x400x270 600x400x105 lidded
318C 600x400x318 600x400x95 lidded
320C 600x400x320 600x400x95 lidded
330C 600x400x330 600x400x105 lidded
355C 600x400x355 600x400x95 lidded
368C 600x400x368 600x400x105 lidded
175W 600x400x175 600x400x70 lidless
185W 600x400x185 600x400x85 lidless
240W 600x400x240 600x400x70 lidless
255W 600x400x255 600x400x85 lidless
290W 600x400x290 600x400x70 lidless
300W 600x400x300 600x400x70 lidless
308W 600x400x308 600x400x85 lidless
310W 600x400x310 600x400x85 lidless
345W 600x400x345 600x400x85 lidless

+Product Advantages

  • Long lifespan
  • High load bearing
  • Food-grade material
  • Anti-high and low temperature
  • Collapsible crates snap joints skid resistance

collapsible plastic

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      we do custom products and projects.

      If you are unable to findyour exact product within our wide variety please call or sales team to see ifthey are able to source the product you require. We also have a  team whomanufacturer.
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      Yes, we can make the best suitable design for you but do need to know the details - such as a) dimension b) loading capacity c)stackability d)operation environmen.
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