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Nestable Attached Lid Container for Plastic Cap


Plastic box, also known as logistics box, is widely used in home appliances, light industry, electron, etc, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used for serving plastic cap and so on, convenient cleaning, convenient turnovering, neatly stacked, facilitate management. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for factory in logistics transportation, distribution, storage, distribution processing, etc.

Model No. Outside Dim.
Inside Dim.
Capacity Stacked Capacity Nested Height
260A 600x400x265 550x365x255 35 175 120mm
315A 600x400x315 550x365x305 35 175 120mm
365A 600x400x365 550x365x355 35 175 120mm
415A 600x400x415 550x365x395 35 175 120mm
465A 600x400x465 550x365x445 35 175 120mm
625A 740x570x625 645x540x600 75 375 100mm
240B 600x400x240 550x365x230 35 175 90mm
315B 600x400x315 550x365x305 35 175 90mm
365B 600x400x365 550x365x355 35 175 90mm
280B 600x400x280 550x365x270 35 175 85mm
330B 600x400x330 550x365x320 35 175 85mm
350B 600x400x350 550x365x340 35 175 125mm

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      Yes, we can make the best suitable design for you but do need to know the details - such as a) dimension b) loading capacity c)stackability d)operation environmen.
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